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Past Events


Past Events

A Look Back at Previous Events

Scroll down through all the wonderful memories we've created with the Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage Awards. Remember the winners, judges and more...

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The 5th Annual Ginny Valentine Awards

The 2016 Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage Awards were held at The Barrelhouse during the IIeX North America conference in Atlanta on June 14th. Sponsors included IIeX NA, GreenBook and The Research Liberation Front. 

THE 2016 Winners

  • Ilka Kuhagen, of IKM GmbH, for Fearless Qualitative Experimentation
  • Daniel Fazekas, of Bakamo Social, for Doing The Right Thing
  • Keri Dooley, of The Garage Group, for Redefining Market Research
  • Yasmin-Jane Scott, of Razor Research, for Making Inclusivity Her Professional Misson
  • Annie Pettit, of Peanut Labs (Canada), for Calling the Industry to Account on Diversity
  • The Unilever CMI team (accepted by Marie Wolfe), for Making Bravery Acceptable Within the Industry

The 2016 Panel of Judges

  • Caroline Smiley, Delta Air Lines
  • Vijay Raj, Unilever
  • Dana Di Gregorio, Nielsen
  • Jane Frost, Market Research Society (MRS)
  • Annie Pettit, Peanut Labs

All photographs from the 2016 awards ceremony provided by Nelson Davis of P2Sample.




The 4th Annual Ginny Valentine Awards

The 2015 Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage Awards were held at IIeX North America conference in Atlanta on June 16th. The sponsors included The Research Liberation Front, TNS, Greenbook/IIeX NA, and KL Communications.

THE 2015 Winners

  • Kristin Hickey, of kubi kalloo, formerly Rubi Cha Cha, for Continually Pushing The Boat Out
  • Simon Lidington & Matt Lynch, of The Big Sofa, for Putting All The Chips On The Table
  • Dr Munqith Dagher, of IIACSS, for Keeping Research Alive In Multiple Conflict Zones
  • Richard Gilmore, of Open Health, for Being Radical In A Conservative Sector with his work in pharmaceutical market research
  • Darren Hanley, of Hope & Anchor (UK), for Ignoring Client Resistance And Rejection
  • Michelle Juni, of MESH Experience, for Displaying Courage Under Pressure


The 2015 Panel of Judges

  • Ashley Chauvin, Citi
  • Roberto Cymrot, Coca Cola
  • Kristin Luck, Growth Hacking
  • Vanella Jackson, Hall & Partners
  • Christine Walker, Alliance Strategic Research - Australia



The 3rd Annual Ginny Valentine Awards

The 2014 awards ceremony was held at the Club Room at the Georgia Tech Conference Center on June 16th during the IIeX North America conference. The awards were sponsored by TNS, KL Communications, Greenbook, and the Research Liberation Front.

The 2014 Winners

  • Dave Birch, Intellection (UK), for Disrupting the industry with the development of machine learning for analysing research
  • Jackie Braggs, Hutchison 3G mobile (UK), for Supporting brave creative work
  • Steve Cohen, In4mation Insights (USA), for Taking an academic methodology and giving it commercial credence
  • Catalina, (CO), for Courage in the face of adversity. Catalina was attacked while she was interviewing in a Medellin barrio. 
  • Will Leach, Triggerpoint (USA), for Going against the grain in his championing of Behavioural Economics
  • Marita Schimpel, of Myanmar Survey Research (MY), for Pioneering research training in one of the world’s youngest marketplaces
  • Chuck Vila, Campbell Soups (US), for Using technology to reduce costs and fund innovation


The 2014 Panel of Judges

  • Catherine Wills, Delta Air Lines
  • Ana Alvarez, PepsiCo Brazil
  • Alison White, Face Facts Research
  • Betty Adamou, Research through Gaming



The 2th Annual Ginny Valentine Awards

The 2013 Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage Awards were held at Greenbook launch party of the GRIT report at Hurley's Saloon and Bar in New York City. Sponsors included The Research Liberation Front, Greenbook, and Google Consumer Surveys.


  • Kristin Luck, Decipher (US), for Fearlessly Advocating Gender Equality
  • Stan Sthanunathan, Coca-Cola (US), for Leading by Principle
  • Batool Batalvi, SB&B Marketing Research (Pakistan and Canada), for Raw Bravery for the Greater Good
  • Kyle Nel, Lowe’s Home Improvement (US), for Taking Action
  • John Kearon, Brainjuicer (UK), for Waking up the Industry
  • Manish Makhijani, Unilever (UK), for Grace under Fire
  • Catalina Meija and Yanhaas, (Colombia), for Giving a Voice to the People
  • Tom HC Anderson, Anderson Analytics (US), for Networking and Rabble Rousing
  • Lenny Murphy, GreenBook Blog (US), for Openness and Sharing


  • Catherine Moffatt, Diageo
  • Diane Hessan, Communispace
  • Alec Maki, Bellomy Research
  • Jon Puleston, GMI
  • @angry_mr_client, Agent Provocateur on Twitter



The Inaugural Annual Ginny Valentine Awards

The 2012 Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage Awards took place on March 20, 2012.


  • Betty Adamou, for Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Ana Alvarez, for Breaking Away from the Roster
  • Tracey Follows, for Breaking the Pattern
  • Kirstie Godwin-Day, for Risks Around Re-Engineering
  • Rafiq Kakar & The ORCA Team, for Raw Bravery
  • Janu Lakshmanan, for Breaking the Pattern
  • Rosie Lidington, for Research Innovation
  • Mediacom Real World Insight Team, for Persistence in Continuing to Push Boundaries with a Difficult Brief
  • Alison White, for Sheer Bloodymindedness


  • Julie Davey
  • Magnus Willis
  • Charlie Richards
  • Rosemary Hadden
  • Danny Russell